Infinite, unruggable™ liquidity

  • Believe

    A mechanism protecting a token's price using protocol-owned liquidity.

    Baseline Value (BLV) is the magic that powers the entire protocol.

  • Special Abilities

  • Up Only

  • Anti-Jeet

  • Never Lose Loans

  • Forever Fair

Special Abilities

    • Anti-Jeet Tech

      Baseline guarantees a token's 'baseline value' through protocol-owned liquidity, backstopping its price.

    • Up Only, Forever

      Baseline uses fees generated by the system to support BLV and ensure all tokens are up only, forever.

    • Borrowing built-in

      Borrow against any token launched on Baseline to get a no-liquidation loan that you can extend indefinitely.

    • Fair Launch First

      All tokens created by Baseline are fair launch, with the protocol controlling the initial token supply.

    • Become based
    • For projects • Coming Soon

      Become Based

    • Deploy your token on Baseline to tap into price protection, no-liquidation loans and more.

    • $YES is the first token launching on Baseline - an ERC420 that only goes up

    • Infinite, unruggable™ liquidity